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About sportswear 's quality
- Nov 02, 2018 -

About quality :Quality management can't be too complicated. If it is too complicated, it can only be mastered by a few experts. What a few experts can master can't be implemented in a company. Therefore, quality management should be a very simple matter, at least what most people in the enterprise can understand.

Let us return to the concept of quality, which is the degree to which the product meets the expectations of the target customer base. Returning to the purpose of quality management and quality management is to let the products meet the expectations of the target customer base, let the products sell well, eliminate waste and reduce costs. The quality of the product is attached to the product and the product is manufactured. That is to say, quality is manufactured by manufacturing products. Manufacturing products requires dozens of processes, and each process requires dozens of actions. In other words, quality is created through dozens of processes and dozens of actions. Therefore, quality management should be the management of these dozens of processes that have an impact on quality, and manage these dozens of actions that have an impact on quality. Let each action meet the requirements (if these requirements are correct, all the customer groups want), then every action can be done to meet the requirements of the customer base, and the final product is made. It is sure to meet the expectations of the customer base.

Then expand the scope to the entire product chain, you will find that the quality of the impact is not only the manufacturing of the workshop, from the research of the target customer group to product development, raw material procurement, equipment maintenance, workshop production, warehousing logistics, customer after-sales service, etc. It will affect quality, and there are tens of thousands of actions in the entire product chain. Managing such a huge movement is obviously time-consuming and laborious. It is inconsistent with the purpose of quality management, that is, eliminating waste and reducing costs. then what should we do?

At this point, we need a "module" concept. The entire product chain, from front to back, from market research to after-sales service, can be broken down into several large modules. These modules can also be called processes, and these processes contain a set of actions. Such a set of actions to manage a group of actions, it is more organized and easier. Some of these processes are very critical and some are bottlenecks. Some small actions in each process are key actions, and some are bottleneck actions. If we can put limited resources in the management of key processes, bottlenecks, key actions, and bottlenecks, we can manage quality at the lowest cost.