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About the wrestling project
- Oct 12, 2018 -

The wrestling project, which occupies an important proportion in the Olympic Games, is divided into two types, the classical and the freestyle, and collectively referred to as international wrestling.

In 1912, the International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA) was formally established at the 5th Modern Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the regulations of the association, classical wrestling and freestyle wrestling are listed as international competitions. The establishment of the International Federation of Wrestling has greatly promoted the spread of classical wrestling and freestyle wrestling in the world, enabling wrestling to flourish on five continents.

To date, FILA has 153 member associations. The distribution is: 33 in Asia, 45 in Europe, 34 in Africa, 28 in the Americas and 13 in Oceania. The International League of Legends manages and is responsible for all events of classical, freestyle wrestling.

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