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Can we make own logo on the jerseys ?
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Where is the sports suit? Can the sports suit be customized? of course can. Elf sportswear is a professional tailor-made service for sportswear customization, sports suit customization, design, proofing, and embroidery. The standard S-5XL meets the size requirements of individual team members. We have been customizing sports suits that meet the corporate culture and team spirit of each unit for customers in different industries and different fields.

Our advantage:

1. Own factory and shipment guarantee

Headquartered in Nanshan, Shenzhen, its own factory has more than 30 production lines in line with international production standards.

2, superb production process

Application of dye woven fabric + computerized embroidery (also known as pattern making) to create different printing effects by adding some special materials to meet the special needs of custom varieties.

3, good quality

For 5 consecutive years, it passed the inspection of Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau and became the clothing supplier of the Universiade.

If you are currently looking for a brand sportswear custom manufacturing company, please click on our online customer service Or emai us :elfsportswear1@aliyun.com, Elf sportswear - tailor-made clothing that meets the corporate culture and team spirit of each unit!