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New school uniforms will be unified, then, when will the new school uniform arrive?
- Oct 28, 2018 -

It is now certain! The school uniforms of the freshmen in primary and secondary schools began to supply in mid-September.

The school uniform bidding has just been settled, and it seems that the school is going to start soon. What should I do? The Municipal Education Affairs Reception Center yesterday invited the district education bureaus and affiliated schools, as well as school uniform manufacturers, to discuss countermeasures.

The primary and secondary school uniforms started a new round of bidding this year. However, due to the complexity of the bidding work, the bidding of the uniform was not settled until August 12. The successful bidder said that even if it is ordered immediately, it will wait for the dyeing and other processes; even if it is fully started, it cannot guarantee the supply before the start of the new semester.

[school worried]

“Students wear their own clothes” is not conducive to management

The new semester's new students can't wear school uniforms, which makes the school generally panic. For a long time, the school has become accustomed to the uniform picture of “all students wear school uniforms”. They can't imagine the “student wearing their own clothes”. Not conducive to school management, but also not to boost new morale.

Yesterday, the person in charge of the school's moral education work and the teacher were very worried to say: If students are allowed to wear their own clothes, what if they wear strange clothes to the school? Some schools can't stand “student wearing their own clothing to go to school” and have asked parents to buy old school uniforms as “emergency”. However, some parents expressed dissatisfaction with this and thought that they would not be able to wear a new uniform for a month.

Interestingly, although the students usually have a lot of slogans on the uniforms, quite a few students under the “uniform and uniform” education system can't wear the uniforms on the first day of school, and they are at a loss.

[Department order]

Must be available in mid-September

However, the reality is: the new semester starts, the new school uniforms can not be delivered. The Municipal Education Affairs Acceptance Center issued a “death order” to the manufacturers yesterday: it must start supply in mid-September, and strive for the end of September. All school freshmen’s summer uniforms must be in place, first ensuring one set per person.

This round of bidding requires the uniforms of the school uniforms to be sold in physical stores and online stores in addition to on-site services. The Municipal Education Affairs Acceptance Center also asked all manufacturers to submit the physical store address, telephone number and online store address before the 28th, in order to notify parents before the start of school.

However, the school can not be used as a “hands-on shopkeeper” to allow parents to buy clothing at the store. According to reports, this year's new rules are: the school is required to organize the students who need to order student equipment before and after the start of each semester to conduct a unified registration, and each winning supplier is responsible for organizing the distribution of clothing. Schools that do not actively cooperate with the organization of students to carry out unified physical registration, or do not allow the successful bidders to enter the school to order, resulting in disputes, complaints and other issues in the supply of student equipment, the school bears the corresponding responsibility.