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On the influence of fashion designers' perception of market demand on garment production
- Oct 28, 2018 -

As a product design, the quality of its design is not judged by an expert, but by the market. If the designer knows nothing about the target market he serves, it will lead to a backlog of unrecognized design after it is put into the market, which will bring huge economic losses to the enterprise. Designers should maintain their own personality and unique design style, but this does not mean ignoring the needs of the market. Designers must always pay attention to the market trends and pay attention to the consumption trends of target consumers. While maintaining your own design style, you can create designs on the standpoint of consumers, so that they can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. If the designer does not have a keen market observation ability, then it is necessary to re-examine whether he is more suitable to become a clothing technician than a fashion designer.

In addition, fashion designers should also have a good understanding of the fabrics and accessories market, including domestic and international accessories market; information and information market, including fashion information, fashion trends, the latest release of domestic and foreign designers; spine market, including brand, wholesale and retail market; apparel The market, including jewelry, accessories, beauty salons, image design, etc.; production process, including production, plate type, technology, 7_K washing, sewing, dyeing and finishing, printing, finishing, packaging, all-round information.