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Practical skills, how do men with polo shirts are more attractive?
- Oct 28, 2018 -

The practicality of the POLO shirt:

The POLO shirt is easy to wear, can be worn with any other clothes, and can be used for any casual formal occasions. A simple POLO shirt can wear a man's sense of stability, fashion, youth... through different costumes and different styles. The wearing of the POLO shirt can immediately make a big difference in style. Pose the collar of the POLO shirt and you will be able to participate in a picnic in the wild. After turning over the collar of the POLO shirt, you can immediately attend a more formal occasion. What else can be changed like a POLO shirt? At the same time, the POLO shirt is easy to maintain, and it does not need to be ironed every day like a shirt. Go out on the sleeve directly when needed.

POLO shirt matching method:

First of all, let's talk about people with white skin. This group of people is relatively easy to choose. You can try POLO shirts of various colors, but also pay attention to the POLO shirts that avoid cold colors if your skin is very white. Otherwise, it will increase the paleness of the face. This skin color is best to wear light colors such as pink, blue, yellow, light orange, and light green.