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Sports tights benefits analysis
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Sports tights highlight the edges and curves of the human muscles, giving people a sense of beauty and enjoyment. This is relatively familiar to everyone, but also a relatively direct role!

Professional sports tights have a sense of oppression on the surface of the human skin, increasing the blood circulation on the surface of the skin, while the wrapping of the muscles can make people feel excited, and thus full of strength, a feeling of eagerness to try.

Effectively promote the decomposition of lactic acid Prevent the accumulation of lactic acid. The body is more comfortable. It will not be sore after exercise. The body's sourness is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid caused by the friction of muscles during exercise. Sports tights can effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid;

Breathable and quick-drying

The top sports tights feature a unique high-elastic fabric that absorbs sweat quickly. Keeps your body dry and comfortable. The movement is more comfortable and healthy. The fabric itself is highly environmentally friendly and has the same color fastness to the European standard.


The fabric is made of imported antibacterial dyes that blend in natural form with the fabric. Therefore, frequent or repeated washing will not affect it, prevent bacterial growth and curb odor. Make sports people healthier and safer.

UV resistant UV50+

The sun protection UV index reaches UPF50+, and the sun is strong at noon, which protects the skin from strong UV rays. Used for golf exposure, long-term outdoor sports, and riders.


Professional-grade tights are scientifically calculated and cover a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, badminton, baseball, athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, rugby, kayaking, skiing, cycling, fitness, mountaineering, Sanda, fishing, etc. Dozens of kinds of sports. In the field of leisure, it is also in a pivotal position.