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The design of electrostatic overalls must also change the mind to keep up with the times
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Many customers often call to ask how to design anti-static control for the production workshop, and hope to get the guidance of anti-static experts.

After our technicians answered them, I found that among all their problems, it seems that they rarely know the human anti-static products in advance. Have to remind these enterprises, the human body static electricity is the biggest source of static electricity, do not only care about the anti-static design of the production workshop, anti-static overalls are also essential. Because humans began to study static electricity and began to prevent static electricity, the most important part is human anti-static products, such as electrostatic overalls, anti-static shoes, etc. First of all, from the human body to prevent static electricity, that is the real precaution!

All in all, anti-static is not a one-off event. To do long-term planning, the human body static work clothes can protect against static electricity and ensure product safety. However, the production enterprises must also have the insight to discover the market, and the knife will not wear the rusty day. The self-breakthrough of anti-static companies is also a top priority!