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There are four bogey in washing clothes
- Oct 29, 2018 -

There are four bogey in water laundry

1, avoid long time bubble. According to tests, the dirt in the clothes fiber is soaked in water for about 14 minutes, which will effectively penetrate. At this time, it is most easy to wash. If it is soaked for too long, it will take more time and effort to wash.

2, avoid excessive washing powder. Washing powder can only show its desired surface activity at a certain concentration. If the concentration is too strong, the decontamination ability will be weakened.

3, avoid adding laundry detergent during the laundry process. Adding washing powder during the washing process will only dissolve the washing powder in the water that has been washed, and lose its proper function.

4, avoid soap, washing powder mixed: washing powder is alkaline, the general soap is weakly acidic, the combination of the two can occur neutralization reaction, but not the purpose of decontamination.