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we can according to sizing file to do a template
- Sep 05, 2018 -

A framework is a reusable design of a whole or part of a system, represented by a set of abstract components and methods of interaction between component instances; another definition is that the framework is an application skeleton that can be customized by the application developer. The former is from the application side and the latter is the definition given from the purpose.

It can be said that a framework is a reusable design component that specifies the architecture of the application, clarifies the entire design, the dependencies between the collaborative components, the assignment of responsibility and the control flow, represented as a set of abstract classes and their instances. A method of collaboration that provides a contextual relationship for component reuse. Therefore, large-scale reuse of component libraries also requires a framework.

There are other words of framework,such as : Mock up,template,Pattern

Also,as long as client has sportswear sizing chart that we can according to the file to do a template ,We are very professional in the clothing industry.

Here is a basketball pants mock up please check it,if you like this one please feel free contact us ,we will always be here service on you .

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