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Weightlifting factor requirements
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1. Protection function: windproof, waterproof and bad weather.

2. Isolation function: keep warm.

3. Moisture permeability, breathability: to ensure the body's heat, through the fabric

Degree to maintain a comfortable feeling.

2. Good hygroscopicity and moisture permeability.

3. No odor, no irritation to the skin.

4. Excellent extensibility, does not affect the body's stretch.

5. Light weight.

6. Durable waterproof and anti-fouling function.

Required in the game

1. Weightlifting athletes must wear weightlifting and weightlifting styles.

Tights for tights.

2. Male athletes must wear bodyguards or tight-fitting briefs. Female athletes must wear bras and tight-fitting briefs.

3. The heel of the weightlifting shoe should be of a normal shape. The sole must not exceed 5 mm of the upper and the upper of the upper must not exceed 130 mm.

4. The weight belt must be attached to the weightlifting suit and must not exceed 120 mm wide.

In the weightlifting competition, athletes wear thick and sturdy tight knit vests or short-sleeved tops, with strap shorts and waist belts.

. The belt width should not exceed 12cm.