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What's the transfer technology
- Aug 26, 2018 -

What's the transfer technology?

transfer technology is also sublimation printing ,

The thermal transfer technology first prints the zebra pattern onto the heat-resistant substrate film, and then transfers the picture or color on the thermal transfer paper to the exterior of the workpiece through a heat transfer machine.

such as our company's made for ice hockey sportswear ,please see the below :

Thermal transfer technology has the following advantages

1, color drawing primary transfer forming, no overprinting, reduce loss;

2, the whole surface transfer goods, no ink residue, safe and non-toxic, environmental protection;

3, the technology is simple, the process is small, the efficiency is high, and the simple equipment can also print realistic pictures.

4. The processed goods are bright, beautiful, bright in color and clear in civilization, which increases the added value of the goods;

Thermal transfer application range

Applicable to ABS, PS, PC, dumb force, PVC and other hard rubber and PP, PE and other soft plastic finished exterior decoration transfer, and plastic, wood, metal coating, glass plane decoration transfer.

Gift toys: all kinds of plastic, hardware, wood, cloth and other toys

Work stationery: ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, pencil cases, staplers, paper cutters, etc.

Usual items: cups, barrels, toothbrush handles, various styles of lunch boxes, seasoning boxes, chopsticks, cutlery spoons, tissue boxes, soap boxes, toothpick boxes, combs, mirrors, bottle openers, etc.;

Cosmetics: shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, shower gel, bottles of various creams, packaging bags, packaging boxes, etc.;

Food packaging: the specified flat shape of sugar cubes, beverages, biscuits, small food packaging boxes, cans, bottles, bags, etc.;

Electronic appliances: hair dryers, various switches, tape recorders, VCDs, fax machines, walkie-talkies, telephones, mobile phones, massagers, eye protection lights, etc.

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