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Wrestling suit features
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The vest is bare shoulders. The pants are wide. The trousers are rich in patterns, generally cloud patterns, plant lines, and striated lines. The pattern is rough and strong, and the color contrast is strong. The underwear is large and made of 10 meters. Conducive to heat dissipation, to avoid sweat and stick to the body surface; also adapt to the characteristics of wrestling and angular movement, so that the opponent is not easy to use the legging action. The pants are sewn with a tough sturdy cloth or flannel. The knees are stitched and stitched with various pieces of cloth, and the patterns are generous and solemn, indicating good luck. All parts of the clothing are properly matched and integrated, with a brave national character.

One of the matching costumes of Mongolian national costumes. A coat of Mongolian robes. Mongolian women wear vests and generally do not wear belts. The vest has no collar, no sleeves, no front, long back, two rows of buttons or straps on the chest, surrounded by rims, embroidered with bright flowers on the plaque, and decorated with colorful electro-optic pieces. Mongolian vests began in the Yuan Dynasty. "Yuan Shi·Han Chuan Chuan": "There is another dress, there is no dress in front, and there are no longer than before, and there is no leader. It is decorated with two cymbals. The name is better than A, so that the bow and the horse are all imitation." Kind of vest, first served by the Emperor of the ancestors, and later popular among the people. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, it gradually became a kind of clothing for ordinary Mongolian women.