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Yoga fitness clothing must know the matching skills
- Oct 28, 2018 -

https://www.elfsportswear.com/leggings/hole-elastic-leggings-for-women.htmlYoga is a popular slimming exercise that has emerged in recent years. Because it is performed indoors and the intensity of exercise is not intense, it has been favored by many female friends. Before going to exercise, you need to choose professional yoga clothes and yoga. The clothes are usually a set of bras, tops and trousers. A set of high-quality professional yoga clothes can make the body stretch freely in the exercise and complete all kinds of yoga movements as you like.

The most popular styles of 2017 are simple and refined. Three-piece bra, tops and trousers, three-dimensional cut, golden proportions, adorned with fascinating curves. The splicing design of the breathable mesh is stylish, sexy and comfortable. The biggest feature is that the side of the trousers can be lifted up, so that the cockroach can be covered and perfectly slim. It can be worn inside, whether it is yoga or going out in the morning, it is essential. Shorts and trousers are free to match.

Built-in independent bra, comfortable shock absorption, easy to wear, effectively relieve chest pressure. The fabric has a 15% spandex content, excellent elasticity, smooth and delicate, no ball, no fading, super moisture wicking function, even if a lot of exercise can quickly dry the sweat, there will be no wet feeling, resistance Wearing a washable can not afford static electricity.

Simple and comfortable AB yarn color matching, versatile matching style, small heart machine hidden behind, low-key luxury has connotation, to meet your customers' careful thinking. The fabric is elastic, soft and skin-friendly, sweat-absorbent and breathable, and not easily deformed. The inter-phase design of AB yarn also brings fashion and vitality to the whole garment. The three-dimensional cut can also effectively modify your body.